Christmas recipe: crunchy sesame chocolate

Hi everyone!

For Christmas I recommend this nice chocolate recipe: it’s delicious and I love the way it looks! You can present it like a mini cake or like candies.
Tell me:  what are you used to cook and bake for Christmas time? Do you usually have a  baking session with your friends or family? I can’t wait to have it with my mum!

crunchy sesame chocolate

Ingredients (serves 3):
20g sugar
a pinch of lemon juice
30g black sesame seeds
40g dark chocolate
200g milk chocolate
50g sesame paste

crunchy sesame chocolate

On a pan, caramelize sugar and lemon juice. When it turns brown, add the sesame seeds and stir.
Pour the sesame caramel on a parchment sheet and let it cool.
Meanwhile, melt the dark chocolate in a hot water bath.
Put the sesame caramel in a freezing bag or between two sheets of parchment and, with a rolling pin, crush the sesame caramel in small pieces.
Mix the melted dark chocolate and the sesame caramel and pour it into the cookie-cutter.

Melt the milk chocolate in a hot water bath and add the sesame paste. Stir until it’s well incorporated. Pour this mix into the cookie cutter,  over the sesame caramel.
Sprinkle with black sesame seeds.

Set aside at temperature room for about 20 minutes and then place it in the fridge to finish to cool down.

Enjoy it! And of course, do not hesitate to share!


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  1. A quand les recettes en français?
    mon anglais n’est pas assez bon!

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