Beetroot carpaccio

Beetroot… This vegetable is not really sexy. Does it remind you some bad dish you tried as a child? Forget now your bad experience: this is the best beetroot recipe I have ever tried! It is a carpaccio made with a sort of pickle. I tried it in a little restaurant in Prague. That was such an amazing experience, Louis and I loved it!
Problem: we were at a restaurant, and there was no way to get the secret of the recipe 😉 but we could identify some of the ingredients. So, after severals tries at home, I finalized a recipe which tastes even better than in my memory!

beetroot carpaccio

Serves 8:

For the pickle:
5 beetroots
1 glass of raspberry vinegar (yes, it exists!)
1 glass of water
1 shallot
juice from 1/2 lemon and 1/2 orange
fresh grated ginger
2 Teaspoon of salt

For the garniture:
100g feta cheese
20g pine nuts
fresh mint

Beetroot pickle ingredients


You can use fresh beetroot and cook it in papillote in the oven (200ÂșC) but you can also use cooked beetroots. You can easily find them at the supermarket.

For the Pickle, place the beetroots in a jar. Then place all the pickle ingredients in a pan and set over high-heat until it boils. Then remove from the heat and let it cool down. When it is cold, pour it over the beetroots and close the Jar. Put the jar in the fridge and let marinate at least 1 night.

Toast the pine nuts in a pan over medium heat. Watch it: it should turn brown, but not too dark!!

To serve the carpaccio, finely slice the beetroots and place in the plate as forming lovely circles. Then sprinkle the crumbs of feta cheese over the beetroots. Sprinkle the pine nuts and the fresh mint.

Bon Appétit!



beetroot carpaccio

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  1. I love the unexpected addition of the honey and ginger to a pickling recipe. Looks delicious. And your pictures are gorgeous!

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